Friday, March 02, 2007

Tip: Take Care of Medical Needs

Remember that preparedness is a lifestyle, NOT a one time event. Thus, it influences every facet of our lives.

Therefore, get in the habit of taking care of your medical needs now...and those of your family members. For example, if you need a tooth extraction, call today to set the appointment. If you need to have a physical exam (and you've been putting it off), call the doctor today to set up the appointment.

Be proactive with your medical needs. Learn to think a few months in advance. If your company has a mail-order pharmacy program, take advantage of it. It may be difficult to have a year's supply of medicine, but at least you can have a three-month supply on hand (if your company offers that).

One never knows what kind of upheaval either your personal life might take or perhaps that your community or society might experience. If you are prepared, you will experience less fear. Nothing would be worse than truly needing a root canal and now you can't get one. Or being in pain and not able to get relief.

Tip: Take care of your medical needs now! Today! Make that phone call.

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