Thursday, March 01, 2007

Quote: Bruce R. McConkie

It is one of the sad heresies of our time that peace will be gained by weary diplomats as they prepare treaties of compromise, or that the Millennium will be ushered in because men will learn to live in peace and to keep the commandments, or that the predicted plagues and promised desolations of latter days can in some way be avoided.

We must do all we can to proclaim peace, to avoid war, to heal disease, to prepare for natural disaster -- but with it all, that which is to be shall be.

We do not know when the calamities and troubles of the last days will fall upon any of us individuals or upon bodies of the Saints. The Lord deliberatley withholds from us the day and hour of his coming and of the tribulations which shall precede it -- all as part of the testing and probationary experiences of mortality. He simply tells us to watch and be ready"
Ensign, May 1979, p. 93).

Interestingly enough, this was spoken nearly 30 years ago. Elder McConkie's words still hold true. There is much we can do to bless the lives of others and to prepare our families, friends and loved ones, and even our communities to help assuage suffering. But there is no sense in trying to hold back prophesy. That would be rather like trying to impede the progress of a tsunami with a lone hand.

Instead, let us do all in our power to do what we've been asked to do. Then we can confidently stand back and allow the Lord to do His part in these important moments in the history of this world. Let's get busy and Get Prepared Now! :0)

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