Friday, December 19, 2008

Making Lists and Checking Them Twice

I'm making lists and checking them twice, but it's not for Christmas. It's for my family's preparedness. Two years ago, the word "preparedness" might have been viewed as silly. Prior to the housing bust, prior to banks being bought out by the government, prior to food prices rocketing, prior to severe layoffs rippling throughout the United States, prior to...well, prior to all this, those who "preached" preparedness were viewed a bit extreme.

But suddenly, people see the value of being the grasshopper prepping for winter (or whatever that little creature was in Aesop's fable). Suddenly, "preparedness" makes sense. And no, my family's not perfectly prepared (can anyone be?). But I am trying.

So that's why I'm making lists and checking them twice. Lists like these desires of mine:

  • plant fruit trees in the spring
  • learn to use herbs for health
  • gather important papers into one location
  • teach children emergency skills, such as CPR and first aid
  • set up a ham radio system
  • learn Morse code
  • etc.
All of these might seem extreme if the economy were sound. All of these might seem extremely wise while facing unexpected emergencies. I'd rather lean on the "wise" side and be ready if need be.

So yes, I'm making lists, checking them twice, and then working to accomplish each item. It may take me years, but then the legacy I leave my children will be a priceless one (and they will have learned safety for the "winters" in their lives).