Monday, February 19, 2007

Year's Supply/Tips: Provide for Your Pets

OK, we all love our pets. But how many times are they forgotten in emergency plans? Right up until walking out the door to go to the shelter...and there is Fido, staring at you with his woebegone eyes.

Many people, as they complete their year's food supply, forget their pets needs...simply out of oversight. So as you plan to complete your year's supply of food and other essential items, don't forget Fido.

He (or she) needs food storage, just like you do. What about water? What about flea and/or tick prevention?

Also, if evacuating, what will your choice be? Most people who love their pets don't want to leave them behind. So do you have a list of hotels in your state (for evacuation purposes) that accept pets? If not, bite the bullet and make that list today. Then go tuck it in your 72-hour kit.

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