Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Tip: Get to Know Your Neighbors

In case you hadn't heard, four LDS missionaries were reported today as abducted. This occurred in the country of Nigeria. Here is a link to the news report.

The only reason I post this is that it was the neighbors of these missionaries who helped inform the local officials. Through great prayer, I believe these missionaries will be released. And through this, perhaps even greater things can happen to bless the lives of those hurt by this event. The Lord can work amazing miracles.

But the news of this brings up a very important point for those living in challenging times. It would behoove us to get to know our neighbors and to serve them, love them, befriend them. During hard times, then, a community can draw together and be mutually helpful one towards another. But if the seeds haven't previously been planted by examples of kindness and love and service, then relationships could be a completely different matter.

TIP: Start establishing a feeling of camaraderie amongst your neighborhood. Volunteer to coordinate a block party. Periodically surprise your neighbors with homemade cookies. Attend your neighbors' kids basketball games. Do all things in moderation, of course. But a little bit of love can go a long way in building a better local community of individuals. Then if or when something more difficult occurs, you will have shown the way to reach out and support/sustain one another.

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