Saturday, February 24, 2007

Quote: President Spencer W. Kimball

In referring to the ten virgins mentioned in Matthew 25:1-13, President Spencer W. Kimball stated the following:

I believe that the Ten Virgins represent the people of the Church of Jesus Christ and not the rank and file of the world. All the virgins, wise and foolish, had accepted the invitation to the wedding supper; they had knowledge of the program and had been warned of the important day to come.

They [the foolish] knew the way but gave only a small measure of loyalty and devotion. I ask you: What value is a car without an engine, a cup without water, a table without food, a lamp without oil?

Hundreds of thousands of us today are in this position. Confidence has been dulled and patience worn thin. It is so hard to wait and be prepared always. But we cannot allow ourselves to slumber. The Lord has given us this parable as a special warning.

The foolish asked the others to share their oil, but spiritual [and temporal] preparedness cannot be shared in an instant. The wise had to go, else the bridegroom would have gone unwelcomed. They needed all their oil for themselves; they could not save the foolish. The responsibility was each for himself
Faith Precedes the Miracle, p. 253.

It would behoove those of us today who have the foreknowledge of the importance of emergency preparedness to actually follow through and "Get Prepared Now!"

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