Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Back to School

OK, I admit it. The back to school flurry hit, in addition to teaching early morning seminary classes for the youth. But now that things are moving forward, I'm back with (hopefully) helpful tips to help you live a preparedness lifestyle.

We never know when things can hit. Crises are rarely anticipated. But for those who have planned for a variety of eventualities, these times of crisis can be less rigorous (not fun, but at least less rigorous).

Here's one thought: if you couldn't get to the vet for a seriously long period of time, do you have supplies for your little furry ones? OK, maybe your furry ones are big (or include the men in your home...but that's another story. You can always buy razors for them!).

Regardless the size of your furry pets - or scaly, etc - they are going to need certain items that you may not be able to purchase from the store. In the event of an emergency, do you have a sufficient supply of flea and tick repellant?

What about pet food? Or access to clean drinking water?

What about heart worm preventative meds? When I was a kid, we had two dogs die from heart worm disease. It was horrible. I would never want an animal to go through that misery.

Thus, the question for today is: do you have sufficient meds for your pets to care for them, should you not have access to a vet? Here are some links for online pet stores to help you get started. I haven't purchased from them, so can't vouch for them, but at least it will help you begin researching your options!


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