Monday, March 12, 2007

Elder Richard R. Lyman

- Elder Richard R. Lyman
General Conference, October 1941

What some are calling a "New Order" follows the oldest order known. It is not unlike the practice of the powerful beast devouring its helpless prey. It is an order whose motives are prompted by envy, hatred and malice. It is an order that takes from man his freedom and makes it impossible for the individual, however righteous, trustworthy, talented, ambitious or competent, to work effectively, to rise and to make his contribution to the good of mankind by rendering the highest human service of which he is capable. This so-called new order is distinctly, yes, violently against the progress and welfare of the masses of the people. It would destroy the very foundations of free government. This plan displaces the rule of moral principle with that of selfishness, force and greed.

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