Saturday, April 07, 2007

Definitely Not Light or Sweet

OK, ready for a power quote? This one is not easy on the ears, nor the heart. But if I avoid preparing for pending possibilities, what good does that do my sweet family?

This is Elder Bruce R. McConkie, speaking in General Conference, April 1979 (found in the Ensign, May 1979, p. 93):

Be it remembered that tribulations lie ahead. There will be wars in one nation and kingdom after another until war is poured out upon all nations and two hundren million men of war mass their armaments at Armageddon.

Peace has been taken from the earth, the angels of destruction have begun their work, and their swords shall not be sheathed until the Prince of Peace comes to destroy the wicked and usher in the great Millennium.

There will be earthquakes and floods and famines. The waves of the sea shall heave themselves beyond their bounds, the clouds shall withold their rain, and the crops of the earth shall wither and die.

There shall be plagues and pestilence and disease and death. An overflowering scourge shall cover the earth and a desolating sickness shall sweep the land. Flies shall take hold of the inhabitat of the earth, and maggots shall come in upon them. 'Their flesh shall fall from off their bones, and their eyes from their sockets" (see D&C 29).

Bands of Gadianton robbers will infest every nation, immorality and murder and crime will increase, and it will seem as though every man's hand is against his brother."

The crops withering me bothers me (not that the rest is exciting). But I've just begun gardening with my little Earthboxes (see my post Earthboxes, Earthboxes.... I've become most attached to my little plants. As I water them each day, periodically I have the disturbing thought flit through my mind as to the privilege of water. As to the necessity of water - for both plants and me.

Thus, while I have time to garden - before things get really bad - I am going to garden. I don't know what I'm doing. I'm concerned about a few leaves right now being eaten by little bugs. I'm learning and I'm growing. But I'm determined while I still have time left to learn how to be as self-sufficient as possible and to put up in canning jars and other food storage ways that which I'm now growing.

Until the next time, Let's Get Prepared Now! :0)

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